Aug 13, 2020


“This year, with all of the hoops we had to jump through, hurdles we had to jump over and planning we did to pull off a race during a pandemic, quite frankly we did not plan on a need to prove with certainty that a boat crossed the International Border.

“Why didn't the RC protest boats that crossed the USA/Canadian International Border?

Because in the mode the trackers were set at, while in the open water, the display lacks the accuracy needed to substantiate a boats actual position. A boat could be called over the border that in fact was not or the other way around. Additionally, a boat could cross the line & get back before the next ping so they wouldn't show up as being over. In short, the rule couldn't be applied fairly. For a complete explanation please follow this link: "

Melges IC37Chris Clark

2020 Bayview Mackinac Race, Chairman,

Last month, Fred and Ward Detweiler's Jerome won their section in the first North American distance race since March. Starting in Port Huron, MI, and finishing off Mackinac Island, Jerome finished the 200 mile course in 38 hours.