Sept 10, 2020

KYC Poker RunThe second annual Dinghy Poker Run took place on Saturday August 22 at the Kanagio Yacht Club in Port Stanley, ON. With Covid 19 impacting all club functions with year, the dinghy poker run was one activity which could take place under social distancing requirements.

KYC Poker RunThe 38 participants started their engines and slowly ventured down the Kettle Creek with the firing of the Cannon at 1 o’clock. Five check points located along the Creek and out into Lake Erie where manned by members who presented the cards to the participants. Members tried to slow down the competition with a wide variety of water guns used to soak each other.

KYC Poker Run










After completing the course, participants and other members gathered to await the winners. Upon completion of the check points the hands were handed in and first place went to Jim Kozak who held three Jacks and an A, followed by Murray McDonald who also held 3 Jacks but settled for second with a 9 high card. Lynn Sutherland was declared to hold down last place with a hand containing a high of 8. A wide range of donated prizes was drawn for with each participant receiving at least one reward for their participation or handing out the cards.
KYC Poker Run Group

Mother Nature provided warm weather and reasonably calm seas again this year, making the event another fun occasion. It is hoped that next year will allow for a more inclusive function.

- Brian Knowles, KYC